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(Education Resources on the Internet (Indiana University Library

(Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC

(.ERIC Fultext Internet Library (Jounal articles, books, reports, etc



Glossary of education-related terms

Glossary of Online Education Terms

Glossary of Related Terms and Glossary

Education's Data Dictionary

Glossary of Education Terms and Acronyms

Glossary of Post-Secondary Relatd Trems

Glossary of Distance Education Terms

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Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Free Database


(AskERIC Abstracts of journal articles and documents from the Education Research Information Center (Free


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American School Board Journal

Currents in Electronic Literacy (1999 - )

Early Childhood Research and Practice (1999 - )

Education Policy Analysis (1993 - )

Education Statistics Quarterly (2000 - ) GPO

Education Week on the Web

Electronic Journal of Science Education (1997 - )

Interactive Multimedia Journal for Computer-Enhanced Learning

Journal of Industrial Teacher Education (1994 - )

Journal of Interactive Media in Education (1996 - )

Journal of Statistics Education (1993 - )

Journal of Vocational and Technical Education (1994 - 1999)

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (1990 - )

Nevada Kids Count Data Book (2000 - )

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

State Indicators of Science and Mathematics Education (1997 - )


Turkish Online Journal of Distance Ed

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GradSchools.com Guide to graduate schools and departments

All Education Schools - A Complete Guide to US Schools of

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نمایش محتوای وب نمایش محتوای وب

Electrical Engineering

:Gateways & virtual libraries

(Australian Virtual Engineering Library (AVEL

Electrical Engineering Web Resources

(Electrical & Computer Engineering Portal (University of Canterbury- New Zealand

Electrical Engineering research guide

Internet Resources for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Berkeley Electronics Research Laboratory

Center for Compound Semiconductor Microelectronics

Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory

Stanford Integrated Circuits Laboratory

EINET Engineering & Technology

Semiconductor Subway

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Engineering

Yahoo-Science:Engineering:Electrical Engineering

(EEVL (Enhanced and Evaluated Virtual Library for engineering, mathematics and computing

[.. eg3.com [More

[..Engineering Resources Online [More


:Subject Index

The University of BATH Library


The University Of Adelaide Library


UNSW Library


BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources

Index of electrical engineering articles

The University of British Columbia Library


Glossary of Electrical Engineering Terms

:Search Engines

Scirus  Article database with citations only

Galaxy : Electrical Engineering < Engineering and Technology

Yahoo! Directory Engineering > Electrical Engineering

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Saint Louise University

Princeton University Library

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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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Electric Power Research Institute

Electronic Frontier Foundation

EIA Electronics Industry Association

IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

National Academy of Engineering

Electronics & Electrical Engineering Lab (National Institute of Standards & Technology)

National Society of Black Engineers

Optical Society of America

Society of Women Engineers

SPIE--The International Society for Optical Engineering

:Schools and Departments

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford Electrical Engineering

University of California–Berkeley


IEEE Conferences



نمایش محتوای وب نمایش محتوای وب


(Engineering (General


:Gateways & virtual libraries

Leabharlann James Hardiman Library

Engineering: Sources on the Web

Scheeff's Engineering Sources List

University of Missouri-Columbia Engineering Library Web Resources

Academic Info:Engineering Gateway - Directory of Online Engineering Resources

:Subject Index

Engineering Subject Guide

automotive engineering subject Guide

Civil Engineering Sources

Electrical & Computer Engineering Sources

industrial engineering resources

magnetic component engineering




Engineering Dictionary

Glossary of Engineering Words

Engineering Glossary

Dictionary of Engineering

:Search Engines

EngNet UK - Engineering Directory

:Engineering Virtual Library out of Edinburgh, Scotland


Directory of science and engineering resources


:Databases & Articles

Ohio Link Databases

:Journals & Books

BioMedical Engineering OnLine (5/02 - ) BMC

BioMedical Engineering OnLine (2002 - ; excluding most recent 12 months) Pubmed

( -EPRI Journal (2001

IEEE Standards Bearer (1995 - ; excluding most recent 12 months) IEEE

( -Journal of Design Research (2001

Journal of Nanobiotechnology n/a BMC

( -MCEER Bulletin (Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research) (1994

( -RLE Currents (1999

(Technology Interface (1996 - 2000

( -TeraWord (2003

:Electronic Reference Sources

General Engineering & safety Standards

WU Libraries Engineering Reference Sources

:Associations and Organizations

Canadian Engineering Associations and Organizations

Organizations for Engineers

:Schools and Departments


All Conferences guide to Engineering conferences

ECI: Engineering Conferences International Calendar

Engineering Conferences International



نمایش محتوای وب نمایش محتوای وب


Computer Science

:Gateways & virtual libraries

University Libraries


University of Florida Gateway to Computer Sciences

SciCentral Gateway to the best science news sources

[..TechWeb [More

[..Virtual Computer Library [More

WWW Virtual Library  Computer Science Web based resources arranged by topic

(Computer Stuff (Speakeasy

(Computer Sciences & Electrical Engineering (University of Houston

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Computers

(Information Gateway: Computer Science (Univ. Wash. Libraries

Virtual Library: Computing

:Subject Index

Artificial Intelligence

Compiler Technology, Programming Languages and Type Theory

Computer Science Discipline Network

Computer Graphics and Vision

Database Research

Distributed Systems, Networking and Telecommunications

Logic Programming

(Computational) Mathematics

Neural Networks

Object-Oriented Programming and Systems (and more object-oriented stuff)

Operating Systems

Parallel Processing

Programming Language Research

Software Engineering and Formal Methods

Theory/Foundations of Computer Science


(Miscellaneous (everything else, possible overlap with other areas

:Programming Languages, Courses, & Tutorials

[..Ada Home [More

[..CODE Visual Parallel Programming System [More

[..Designing & Building Parallel Programs [More

The Genetic Programming Tutorial Notebook- A basic tutorial on genetic programming

[..A Gentle Introduction to Haskell [More

[..Pascal Programming [More

[..UNIXhelp for Users [More

World Lecture Hall - Computer Science


Computer Dictionary

Glossary of Telecommunication Terms

Computer Dictionary

Dictionary of Computing


Glossary of Selected Social Science Computing Terms and Social Science Data Terms

Glossary of computing terminology

:Search Engines

Allsearchengines.com: computer sciences

RefDesk.com: Computer Related Search Engines

Computing : Hardware, Macintosh, Windows, Freeware, Shareware

:Databases & Articles

[..CogPrints [More

Computing Research Repository

[Ingenta/UnCover [Information about

US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Databases

Stanford University Computer Science Department Technical Reports and Technical Notes

University of Maryland Virtual Technical Reports Center

University of Maryland, College Park Technical Reports

On-line CS Techreports

Technical Reports

:Journals & Books

Computer Science Journals

[..Top 100 Computer Magazines [More

Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence

[..Computerworld [More

:Free Journals

ALN Magazine: Asynchronous Learning Networks Magazine (1997 - 2000)

Boardwatch Magazine

Boardwatch Magazine (1995 - )

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine (1994-1999)

Currents in Electronic Literacy

Cyberlaw Informer

DB2 Magazine (1996 - )

Electronic Markets

First Monday: Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet

Government Computer News

Intel Technology Journal

Interactive Multimedia Journal for Computer-Enhanced Learning

Internet World

J.UCS: Journal of Universal Computer Science

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Journal of Digital Information

Journal of Electronic Publishing

Journal of Functional and Logic Programming

Journal of Information, Law and Technology (1996 - )

Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society (1997 - 2000) SciELO Brazil

Journal of Virtual Environments

LAN Times Online

MacWorld Online

PC Magazine Online

PCWorld.com - Home

RLE currents

Scout Report

Software Focus (2000 - 2001) Wiley



Visual Basic Online Magazine

Windows Magazine

Windows NT Magazine Online


[..Ebrary [More

McGraw-Hill BetaBooks Full text versions of selected emerging technology titles

[..netLibrary.com [More

[..Safari Tech Books Online [More

:Electronic Reference Sources

Computer Almanac - Interesting and Useful Numbers about Computers

[..Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies [More

Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms

FOLDOC: Free Online Dictionary of Computer Sciences

The Hypertext Bibliography Project

[..Whatis [More


:Associations and Organizations

University of Waterloo Library Guide to Associations

BUBL : Computer Science: National Centers

(ACM - Association for Computing Machinery (First Society in Computing

American Association for Artificial Intelligence

American Mathematical Society

American Statistical Association

Association for Women in Computing

IEEE Computer Society

International Association for Statistical Computing

Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

MAA Online: Mathematical Association of America

Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility


Swedish Institute of Computing Science

Yahoo: Computer Science: College and University Departments

:Schools and Departments

List of Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Sites

University of Wisconsin Computer Department

Online computer degree programs


Yahoo Guide to Conferences

Allconferences guide to Computer Conferences

Discussion Groups:

Kovacs Guide to Discussion Groups


نمایش محتوای وب نمایش محتوای وب

Civil Engineering

:Gateways & virtual libraries

TopTen Civil Engineering Sites

Ultimate Civil Engineering Directory

The Civil Engineering Virtual Library

AIP's History of Science Exhibits, timelines, lectures, papers, and images

Concise Guide to Information Sources in Civil Engineering

Infogates Civil Engineering

AVEL Australasian Virtual Engineering Library

EEVL Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library UK gateway

[..iCivilEngineer [More

The Transport Web - information service for the transport industry

:Subject Index

Transportation Subject Guide

A. Geotechnical Engineering: WWW Virtual Library of Geotechnical Engineering, Yahoo Soil

B.  Engineering Virtual Library

C. Transportation Engineering : Transport WebWWW Transportation Virtual Library, Institute of Transportation Engineers, National Transportation Library

(E. Structures: Bridges (How Bridges Work, The BridgeSite, BridgePros

Dams and Reservoirs: (World Commission on Dams, Corbis Images of Dams, Dam-Reservoir Info & Impact Archive, United States Society on Dams, National Performance of Dams Program

Tall Buildings and Structures (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, The High-Rise Pages, Structurae, Federation of High-Rise Websites, The World's Tallest Buildings Page)

:Search Engines

Engineering search engines

Uncover Web

:Databases & Articles

(ARI (Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute

Transportation Research Board

:Journals & Books

1. Electronic Journals:

ASCE Journals and Periodicals

Civil Engineering Journals

International Civil Engineering Abstracts

Electronic Journal of Information Technology in Construction

Building Innovation & Construction Technology

Works Bureau Technical Circular

2. Electronic Books:


:A. Websites to find electronic books


On-Line Books Page Hundreds of electronic books free for personal, noncommercial use

Electronic Books and Journals Homepage of the KSL electronic collections page

Publisher's Catalogs Search by title, author, city, state, country, material, etc

:B. FREE Electronic Books

[..Engineering Infrastructure Diagramming and Modeling [More

(Records of a Family of Engineers by Robert Louis Stevenson (Gutenberg text

(James Watt by Andrew Carnegie (HTML at Rochester

[..Engineering Employment Characteristics (1985) [More

[..Fostering Flexibility in the Engineering Work Force [More

[..Support Organizations for the Engineering Community [More

[..Forces Shaping the U.S. Academic Engineering Research Enterprise [More

[..Expanding the Vision of Sensor Materials [More

[..Human Factors Specialists' Education and Utilization: Results of a Survey [More

[..Applications of the Calculus to Mechanics [More

[..Materials Science and Engineering for the 1990s: Maintaining Competitiveness in the Age of Materials [More

[..Hierarchical Structures in Biology as a Guide for New Materials Technology [More

[..Hierarchical Structures in Biology as a Guide for New Materials Technology [More

[..Mathematical Research in Materials Science: Opportunities and Perspectives [More

[..The New Engineering Research Centers: Purposes, Goals, and Expectations [More

[..Coatings for High-Temperature Structural Materials: Trends and Opportunities [More

[..Future Materials Science Research on the International Space Station [More

[..High-Performance Synthetic Fibers for Composites [More

The Mechanical Properties of Wood by Samuel J. Record

[..Wood and Other Organic Structural Materials (New York: McGraw Hill Book Company, 1917) [More

(Liquid Crystalline Polymers by National Research Council National Materials Advisory Board (page images at NAP

[..Intermetallic Alloy Development: A Program Evaluation [More

[..Large-Scale Structures in Acoustics and Electromagnetics: Proceedings of a Symposium [More

[..Computer-Aided Materials Selection During Structural Design [More

[..Rock Fractures and Fluid Flow: Contemporary Understanding and Applications [More

[..Harnessing Light: Optical Science and Engineering for the 21st Century [More

[..Plasma Processing of Materials: Scientific Opportunities and Technological Challenges [More

:Electronic Reference Sources

[..Advanced Building Technologies and Practices [More

(Building Codes and Standards: (databases, general information, international codes and standards, standards organizations, international, seismic, software

Dictionary of Science and Technology from Academic Press

Australian Standards Online full text Civil Engineering Resources via guide me

Engineering Firms

Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Hydrology and Hydraulics


Civil Engineering Bookstore

US Patent and Trademark Office Full text access to patent information

[..IEEE's Explore Database [More

[..INSPEC [More

( Software guide: (Engineering Software Center, Rockmate Technical Services, RockWare Inc

:Associations and Organizations

(Organizations: (USA, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Europe, International

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

[..The American Society of Civil Engineers [More

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Consulting Engineers Council

NTIS - National Technical Information Service

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Institute of Civil Engineers

Cement and Concrete Association

Concrete Institute of Australia

[..iCivilEngineer.com [More

Civil Engineering Virtual Library

[..The Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) [More

[..Engineering Software Center [More

Civil & Structural Engineering ResourceWeb

[..The Institute of Civil Engineers [More

[..Dr. Hubert Chanson's Website [More

[..GuideMe.com's Civil Engineering Resources on the Internet [More

:Schools and Departments

(Universities: (Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Africa

A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

Civil Engineering Deparmtment, University of Maryland

Department of Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech


Civil Engineer Conferences

Civil Engineering Congresses

All Conferences Net

:General conferences

Civil Engineer Conferences

International Congress in Civil Engineering Education 18-20 September, 2003; Ciudad Real, Spain


The World Conference on Timber Engineering

First International Conference on Concrete Repair
july 15 - 17 July 2003; St-Malo, Brittany, France

CCC 2003 - Composite in Construction international Conference
September 16 - 19, 2003; Rende (Cosenza), Italy

Concept - Front-End Management of Large Public Projects

Conference on Composite Construction

Fourth International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials in Bridges and Structures
July 20-23, 2004; Calgary, Alberta, Canada

:Architechtural engineering

The 4th International Conference on Cold Climate Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning
June 15 - 18, 2003; Trondheim, Norway

International Conference on Research in Building Physics

Architectural Engineering: Building Integration Solutions

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat: 'Tall Buildings and Transparency'

Integrated Lifetime Engineering of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures (ILCDES 2003
December 1-3, 2003; Kuopio, Finland

May 2 - 7, 2004; Toronto, Canada

The World Conference on Timber Engineering

IABSE Symposium on Metropolitan Habitats and Infrastructure

Tall Buildings in Historical Cities: Culture & Technology for Sustainable Cities

:Earthquake Engineering

Fourth International Conference on Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures
22 - 24 September 2003; Ancona, Italy

14th Mexican National Conference on Earthquake Engineering
Nov. 19 - 22, 2003; Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico

13th WCEE World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
August 1-6, 2004; Vancouver, BC, Canada

:Environmental Engineering

:Hydraulic Engineering

Nano and Microparticles in Water and Wastewater Treatment
September 22 - 24, 2003; Zurich, Switzerland

International Conference on Advanced Modeling Techniques for Sustainable Management of Water Resources
January 28 - 30, 2004; Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, India

4th International Conference on Dam Engineering
Oct. 18 - 20, 2004; Nanjing, China

:Structural Engineering

Eighth International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics
14 - 16 July, 2003; Southampton, UK

First International Conference on Concrete Repair
july 15 - 17 July 2003; St-Malo, Brittany, France

ISEC-02 - 2nd International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference
September 23-26, 2003; Rome, Italy

IASS-APCS 2003, International Symposium on New Persptctives for Shell and Spatial Structures
October 22 - 26, 2003; Taipei, Taiwan

Fifth International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures (FraMCoS-5): Linking Scales from Nano-structure to Infrastructure
April 12-14, 2003; Vail, Colorado

The 11th World Conference on Timber Engineering
June 20-24, 2010; Trentino, Italy

Second International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics & Computation (SEMC) 2004
5-7 July, 2004; Cape Town, South Africa

Fourth International Conference on Advanced Composite Materials in Bridges and Structures - ACMBS-IV
July 20-23, 2004; Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Intergeo 2003
17-19 September, 2003; Hamburg, Germany

30th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE)
Nov. 10 - 14, 2003; Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

14th International Conference on Engineering Surveying
March 15-19, 2004; Zürich, Switzerland


8th International Conference on Low-Volume Roads
June 22-25, 2003; Reno, Nevada, USA

10th AASHTO/TRB Maintenance Management Conference*
July 15-18, 2003; Duluth, Minnesota

International Conference on Highway Pavement Data, Analysis & Mechanistic Design Applications
September 8-10 2003; Columbus, OH, USA

Discussion Groups:

[..Building Code Discussions Group [More

CIVIL-L, Civil Engineering Research & Education Mailing List

Engineering News Groups

Geo Discussion Forum - all things geotechnical

Green Building Discussion Group - sponsored by Oikos, Environmental Building News and CREST

VVS (Swedish Society of HVAC Engineers) - "Siki's Corner" - in Swedish

Water Resources Discussion Lists - directory of more than 60 water-related forums

نمایش محتوای وب نمایش محتوای وب


:Gateways & virtual libraries

BUBL LINK / 5:15: Language, Literature and Culture

The Human-Languages Page

iLove Languages: Your Guide to Languages on the Web: English

Internet Connections: Foreign Language

Internet Public Library Online Literature Resources

University of Liverpool Library Subject Pages - Internet Resources ...

Yahoo Listing for Linguistics and Human Languages

[..Language Learning Center  [More

Globegate (http://globegate.utm.edu)
"A Culture and Language SuperSite!" Indexes several thousand websites in various foreign languages.

LingNet-The Linguists' Network (http://lingnet.org)
From the Dept. Of Defense, "dedicated to supporting members of the foreign language community..." Click on "Lingnet's Internet Pointers."

Foreign Languages

 Rhodes Foreign Language Resources

Arabic Pathways

 Composition and Style Guide


Grammar: General

Grammar & Style : General Reference

General Grammar Exam


Grammar: Morphology


Grammar: Phonetics/Phonology


:Grammar: Syntax

Glossary of Grammar and Syntax

Grammar and Syntax

[..Internet Resources for Language Teachers and Learners  [More

Foreign Language Resources on the Web

[..Language Links  [More

:Citation Style manuals

Internet Connections: Foreign Language

Internet Public Library Online Literature Resources

University of Liverpool Library Subject Pages - Internet Resources ...

Yahoo Listing for Linguistics and Human Languages

Globegate (http://globegate.utm.edu)
"A Culture and Language SuperSite!" Indexes several thousand websites in various foreign languages.

LingNet-The Linguists' Network (http://lingnet.org)
From the Dept. Of Defense, "dedicated to supporting members of the foreign language community..." Click on "Lingnet's Internet Pointers."

:Subject Index

A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Resources in History and the Humanities

Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information

Brief guide to citing government publications

Citing Electronic Resources

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (1995-96 ed.) - Cornell  

Official Citation Resolutions - ABA



:Search Engines

Foreign Language Search Engines

Language search engines

:Databases & Articles


:Journals & Books


ALAN Review: Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (1996 - 2001)

Atlantic Monthly (1857 - )

Boston Review (1975 - )

Children's Bookwatch (2001 - )

Common Place (2000 - ) HistoryCoop

Common Place (9/00 - )

Culture Machine (1999 - )

Currents in Electronic Literacy (1999 - )

DoubleTake Magazine (1995 - )

Early Modern Literary Studies (1995 - )

Electronic Antiquity: Communicating the Classics (1993 - 2001)

Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature (1994 - )

Gadfly (1998 - )

Heroic Age (1999 - 2001)

Internet Writing Journal (1997 - )

Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women's Studies (2000 - )

Journal of Electronic Publishing (1997 - )

Journal of International Women's Studies (2000 - )

Journal of Religion and Film (1997 - )

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (1990 - )

Jouvert (1997 - )

Language Learning and Technology (1997 - )

M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture (1998 - )

Notes from the Windowsill (1993 - 1998)

Oklahoma Review (2000 - )

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration (1998 - )

Studies in Bibliography (1948 - 1999)

TESL-EJ: Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (1994 - )

Women in Literature and Life Assembly (1992 - )


:Electronic Reference Sources

A Comprehensive list of references sources in Language & Writing

Guide to reference sources in languages



Webster's Dictionary

Webster's Online Dictionary

Miscellaneous Dictionary Resources

Other dictionaries and encyclopedia



:Specialized Dictionaries

A Basic Dictionary of American Sign Language Terms

Beilstein Chemical Dictionary

Biographical Dictionary

BioTech Life Science Dictionary

Computing Dictionary

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Dictionary of Symbolism 

General Chemistry Glossary 

Internet Anagram Server 

Law dictionary

Medical and health dictionaries

Microbiology Glossary

NASA's Space terms and definitions

On- Line Mathematics Dictionary

Rhyming Dictionary

WWW Acronym Server


 :Foreign Language Dictionaries & Translators

Dictionaries and Translators

English- French Dictionary

English- Italian Dictionary

French-English Dictionary

English-German Dictionary

Italian- English Dictionary 

Norwegian-English / English-Norwegian Dictionary

Online Language and Translation Dictionaries

Russian-English Dictionary

The Language Learning Resource Center at Carnegie Mellon University

English language dictionaries (from BUBL)


 :Grammar References

A Guide to Writing Research Papers

APA bibliographic style guide

Basic Prose Style and Mechanics 


Elementary Grammar

Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style Notes

Merriam Webster Word of the Day

MLA bibliographic style guide

MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources 

On-line Writing Lab (OWL)


Correct Punctuation

Punctuation Marks

Rensselaer Writing Center

The Elements of Style

Vocabulary Builder from Words-R-us

Web Extension to American Psychological Association Style (WEAPAS)

White and Strunk, 1918. The Elements of Style



Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Dictionary of scientific quotations

(Another) Dictionary of Scientific Quotations

Quotations Home Page



NASA thesaurus

Roget's Thesaurus  


:Associations and Organizations

Directory of Language Associations and Organizations

Directory of Language Associations (another gateway)

Canadian Language Associations

List of Foreign Language Associations in the USA

Academy of American Poets

Foreign Language Associations


:Schools and Departments

Department of Modern Foreign Languages

نمایش محتوای وب نمایش محتوای وب


Library and Information Science

:Gateways & virtual libraries

BUBL [More

Librarians and Library Science [More

The Librarians' Resource Centre [More

Librarians' Index to the Internet - lii.org [More

INTERNET LIBRARY FOR LIBRARIANS: A Portal Designed for Librarians ...  [More

LibraryLand: Lots of resources for librarians clustered by subject

The Library Resource List: over 500 Internet resources of interest to the library community


ILLWeb [More

infolibrarian.com [More

Librarian's Online Warehouse - Index of Library and Librarian ...  [More

Guide to Libraries and library catalogs all around the world


:Subject Index





Book Reviews and Book Stores

Books & Resources

Cataloging, Technical Services, and Automation


Children's Literature and Good Sites for Kids


:Classification Schedules

Library of congress Classification

Outline of the NLM Classification

Collection Development

Computers and Computer Science


Copyright Issues

Databases in General

Digitization and Preservation

Discussion Groups

Education and Training

Educators and Researchers


Information Literacy - Sources of Information

Internet for librarians

Iranian librarians


Librarians' Internet Guides


Library Organizations and Suppliers

Library Science in general

Library Schools and Departments

Library Softwares & Systems

Libraries and Resource Centers

Networks and Networking


Periodicals and Newspapers

Reference Sources

Reference Librarians' Resources

Search Engines

Subject Heading lists

User  Services & User education

What's New on the Net


Onilne Dictionary for Library and Information Science


:Search Engines

[..Librarian Index to the Internet Search Engine [More


:Databases & Articles

[..DoIS (Documents in Information Science) [More 

:Journals & Books


ALAN Review: Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (1996 - 2001)

Ariadne (1996 - )

ARL Newsletter (1995 - )

Associates: the Electronic Library Support Staff Journal (2000 - )

Boston Review (1975 - )

BUBL Gateway to Library Journals

Bulletin of the Medical Library Association (1911 - 2001) Pubmed

Cataloguing and Indexing:

Ciência da Informaç?o (1997 - ) SciELO Brazil

CLIR Issues (1998 - )

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine (1994 - 1999)

Computing and Information Technology:

Cultivate Interactive (1999 - )

Currents in Electronic Literacy (1999 - )

Cyberlaw Informer (1999 - 2001)

Cybermetrics (1997 - )

D-lib Magazine: the Magazine of Digital Library Research (1995 - )


Document Management and Supply:

E Law (1993 - )

Education Review

Educause Review (1994 - )


Electronic Information and the Internet:

Exploit Interactive (1999 - 2000)

First Monday: Peer Reviewed Journal on the Internet (1996 - )

General Librarianship and Information Management:

Information Research (1995 -)

Information Science and Research:

Information Technology and Libraries (2001 - )

Interactive Multimedia Journal for Computer-Enhanced Learning

International Journal on Media Management (1999 - )

Internet World

Internet Writing Journal (1997 - )

IPCT -J: Interpersonal Computing and Technology (1993 - 1999)

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (1991 - )

JMM (International Journal on Media Management) (1999 - )

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Journal of Digital Information

Journal of Electronic Publishing (1997 - )

Journal of Information, Law and Technology (1996 - )

Journal of Interactive Media in Education (1996 - )

Journal of Library Services for Distance Education (1997 - 1999)

Journal of Technology Education (1989 - )

Journal of Technology Studies (1996 - )

Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (1997 - ; excluding most recent 18 months) Pubmed

Journal of the Medical Library Association (2002 - ; excluding most recent 2 months) Pubmed

Journals (by Subject):

Law and Politics Book Review

Learned Publishing (1997 - 2002)

Libraries in Schools and Colleges


Library Systems and Technology:

LIBRES: Library and Information Science Research (1996 - )

MC Journal: Journal of Academic Media Librarianship (1993 - 2002)


National and Regional Libraries:

Online Books (from the University of Pennsylvania)

Online Books and Resources Available on ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration (1998 - )

PC Magazine Online (2000 - )

Prism (1999 - )

Public Access Computer Systems Review (1990 - 1998)

Research Information (2002 - )

RLG DigiNews (1997 - )

Scout Report (1994 - )


:Societies and Associations


Specialist Libraries and Information Services:

Studies in Bibliography (1948 - 1999)

T.H.E. Journal (1994 - )


Techne: Journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (1995 - )

Telecommunications Electronic Review (1994 - )

Windows NT Magazine Online


:Electronic Reference Sources

Internet Library for Librarians

Librarians' Index to the Internet (Reference Sources)

Google's gateway to References

Yahoo gateway to references

General Reference Sources

Types of reference sources:

1. Biographies:

 Index to Biographies [from Internet Library for Librarians]

 Biographical Sources

 2. Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

 Librarians' Index to General Encyclopedias

 Librarians' Index to Subject Encyclopedias

 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

 Librarians' Index to Dictionaries

 Book and Entertainment Reviews

 Calculators and Formulas

 Calendars and Schedules

 Computer Information

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 3. Bibliographies and Indexes


:Associations and Organizations

ILISA (Iranian Library and Information Science Association)

Library and information science associations around the world

[..IFLANET [More

Association of Research Libraries, Association of College and Research Libraries

EARL: The Consortium for Public Library Networking

OCLC: Online Computer Library Center


:Schools and Departments

World List of Departments and Schools of Information Studies, Information Management, Information Systems, etc.



Library Conferences (LibraryHQ.com)

LibrarySpot.com Guide to Conferences

Librarian's Datebook Chronological list of industry events.

Library Journal LJ's current calendar of professional events.

ALA: Events and Conferences A complete listing of ALA's professional events.


AASL Update: Events & conferences for secondary librarians.

Library Technology LibraryHQ's list of conferences and workshops.

Library Journal LJ's current calendar of professional events.


Discussion Groups:

:Several different websites present lists of electronic conferences in our subject area

Library oriented lists and electronic serials

.If you want to search descriptions of e-conferences, use WAIS-database

:Archives of messages and files from library related electronic conferences are

Hypermail archive of UK LIS lists on Mailbase (individually searchable and browsable, from Jul 1995)

Library Discussion Lists: Short time Gopher archive 

Web4Lib, Hypermail archive

D-Lib: Digital Library Forum and D-Lib Magazine

DIGLIB (Digital Libraries Research mailing list),  (browsable)

INETBIB, Germany: recent browsable archive, until Nov. 1995 [More

Public-Access Computer Systems Review [More